My work has always combined two major axes: for one, I am constantly researching new ways to combine glass and copper, all the while focusing on the narrative side of her pieces. My latest explorations stem from an intuitive thought: what if an electric current circulated through the copper plating, thus becoming a circuit? From this new approach, I wished to initiate a dialogue between my work and the public, in hopes that the story is no longer transmitted solely by the work, but rather ready to form a new one with its interlocutor. By adding sensors, LEDs, integrated circuits, and other electronic components, I want to establish a playful yet sensitive relationship between my works and the public. This technology is added in symbiosis with the glass pieces, resulting in aesthetically-pleasing creations that possess a definite power of attraction.


Carole Frève received her Bachelor’s degree in Industriel Design in 1992 from the University of Montreal. She completed her studies with a three-year glass program at Espace Verre, Montreal. Her work was shown at SOFA Chicago and New York, and in several North American galleries. She is the recipient of a fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America in 2000 and at the North Lands Creative Glass, Scotland in 2009. In the summer of 2017, she resided on Porphyry Island, Lake Superior, to continue her research on the use of solar energy to power her new works. She has received several grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Council for the Arts. Carole's work has been featured in national and international publications including Glass Quarterly, 500 Glass objects, Fiberarts, and Neus Glass/New Glass.

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